Amplify Your Healing Potential

Become a Multidimensional Healer!

Multidimensional Energy Healing

Amplify your inner healing abilities and master a multidimensional energy healing system to help people facing emotional or physical challenges in 6 weeks or less. Multidimensional Healing can be offered in person or remotely on zoom or Skype.

What You Will Learn

Module 1
1)Tap into your intuition: practical steps to safely connect to your intuition. Intuition and soul (psychic) energy are subtle.
Becoming more open to your psychic ability will safely guide you to your inner healing potential.
2) Establish your physical and subtle tools to support you on your discovery path.
3) The truth about meditation.

Module 2
1)Steps to experience the energy flow.
2) Exercises to balance your personal energy field and that of others. How to cleanse and recharge the aura. Learn how to create the Bubble Shield for protection against psychic attack and energy drain.

Module 3

1) Realign and supercharge your spiritual energy centers.
2)Tune your receptivity to your higher self and spiritual guidance. Discover how to release emotional and physical blocks to well-being.
3) Set of exercises to ground you and relieve any physical discomfort.

Module 4

1) Learn how to check with a pendulum for any depletion of the energy centers (the chakras). Reassess their condition after healing.
2) Adding gemstones and crystals to empower healing.

Module 5
1) Introduction to the healing sequence.
2) Colours and sound for healing. The use of tuning forks.
3) Preparation for the healing of clients or loved ones.

Module 6
1) The practice of Multidimensional Realignment Healing.
2) Advice on which is the best pendulum for each participant.

You will complete the program having experienced the power of your inner healing abilities and its healing effects on the people who ask your help for their various challenges. You will also experience a greater connection with your spiritual guidance.

Please note that due to the high level of personalized support and time invested

in working with each participant, there is a limited number of spots available.

Once these are booked and participants have gone through this new program,

I will be officially launching at regular pricing which will be in the £497-£720 range.

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Love and Light, 

 Susanna Terry

Holistic Coach & Mentor

Copyright ©2021 by Susanna Terry and Light Touch Therapies

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