How To Build Your Own Practice

Want To Build Your Own Practice?

Want To Build Your Own Practice?

Want To Build Your Own Practice?

Dear Student,

  • Would you like the CMA to help you build your practice?
  • Did you know that students and graduates of  Light Touch Therapy Training are automatically entitled to apply for membership of the CMA, inclusion in the CMA Referrals Scheme and are eligible for CMA insurance?
  • Are you interested in improving standards within the Complementary Medical Profession?

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the Complementary Medical Association and to explain just how you can benefit from becoming a CMA member. Since you have already chosen to further your career with Light Touch Therapy Training a CMA registered centre of excellence, it goes without saying that you are committed to quality.

Due to our high media profile, the CMA is recognised by the public, the medical profession (complementary and conventional), and students to be the professional face of complementary medicine. Membership of the CMA is highly prestigious and carries huge advantages for practitioners, colleges and students alike. You will be instantly recognised as providing safe, ethical treatment which is so important to the public and also to any companies or medical environments that you may work in.  This is another great incentive for clients to choose your treatments over those of non-registered practitioners.

CMA registration entitles you to apply for membership of the referral scheme that we run.  Because we receive thousands of enquiries from the public and the medical profession you would benefit greatly from this scheme.

Also, if under the terms of your training at Light Touch Therapy Training you are allowed to treat patients during your training period then you can be included in the CMA Referrals Scheme while still studying and you can also take advantage of the CMA insurance plan.  This alone could really help you to get your practice off the ground.

As a CMA registered member, you will receive your CMA membership certificate and I-D card which prove you are a bona fide CMA member, the CMA journal and opportunities to contribute to (and appear on) our web site and the various television and radio broadcasts that the CMA regularly participates in.  You’ll also get preferential rates on CMA courses and discounts off equipment i.e. massage couches, oils etc.  In fact, there are many more advantages to CMA registration – why not write or email us for a registration pack.  Join today and begin to take advantage of your membership right away.

Get the professional recognition you deserve!  Let the CMA help you build a successful practice!

Yours sincerely

Jayney Goddard

Professor Jayney Goddard, FCMA, Lic.LCCH, Dip, ACH,

President, Complementary Medical Association

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