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SPINAL TOUCH – Course Aims

The course has a practical focus and is designed to provide you with the understanding and tools to work with Spinal Touch. The technique is highly individualising and for this reason accuracy and precision – in both assessment and treatment – is very important. The aim is that you learn to perfect your skills in the technique and that the process of learning is itself enjoyable.

Our intention is that you will become a confident practitioner of Spinal Touch. Your assessment of the patient before and after treatment will build up your confidence and your enthusiasm in applying this unique technique.

SPINAL TOUCH – Course Structure

Our training courses in Spinal Touch consist of a minimum of one four-day module and one three-day module. During the weeks between the first and second modules you are expected to gain initial experience by making and recording ten plumbline assessments and treatments (not necessarily with ten different patients).

For the purposes of certification the competence of each trainee is assessed both during the later stages of the course itself and also as he/she conducts a Spinal Touch session with a guest patient. This practical session, usually held on the last day of the second module, is observed by an assessor. Successful trainees are awarded a Diploma in
Spinal Touch / Bio Mechanics.

SPINAL TOUCH – Course Content


  • History of Spinal Touch
  • The holistic approach to health
  • Posture and disease
  • The biochemistry of stress
  • Study of plumb-line analysis
  • Individualisation of prescribed treatment
  • Non-ambulatory patients
  • Forms of touch. Boundaries
  • Practical sessions with trainees taking practitioner and patient roles
  • Touch and energetics
  • Steps of practical procedures
  • Re-tracing and healing crises
  • The sacrum and its relationship to the organs
  • Factors influencing the treatment
  • Case management. Referrals
  • Practical sessions with guest patients


  • New concepts of disease
  • Illustrative case-histories
  • Working with arthritis and with chronic and degenerative diseases
  • Revision of plumb-line analysis
  • Revision of treatment procedure
  • Revision of contact points: abdominal, head & neck, spinal
  • Discussion of trainee experience working with Spinal Touch
  • Slide presentation of various postural distortions/assessments
  • Practical sessions with guest patients


The Light Touch Therapy Training curriculum includes the following additional elements with the aim of showing trainees the scope for broadening the range of skills they can bring to the practice of Spinal Touch:

Ø Bioenergetic techniques for the integrity of practitioner and patient energy fields

Ø Introductions to adjunctive approaches such as nutrition, dietary detoxification, prevention, guidance for continued health etc.
We emphasise the fundamental principle that Spinal Touch (in common with all other forms of therapeutic treatment) should be applied within a context in which relevant care and attention is paid to encouraging the client to look at lifestyle, occupational, environmental and other factors which may have contributed to causing and maintaining their problem
Throughout the course Trainees will gain hands-on practical experience by working upon each other and upon visiting patients.

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