Bio-Stress Release

Bio-Stress Release

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The ultimate pain-relief treatment to add to your practice.

Learning whole-body and joint release points with

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Bio-Stress Release is a gentle form of bodywork which releases tension and eases pain. It works by taking the body back through the movements which were involved with the problem in the first place but under safely controlled circumstances. This is achieved by locating the preferred position for the part affected and then working to undo the damage. From the preferred position the practitioner can identify precisely what it is that the body is trying to protect. The movements of Bio- Stress Release are made slowly and do not oppose the spontaneous preferences of the body and thus this approach is quite distinct from techniques which involve any sort of forceful adjustment.

In order to relieve tension we work at different angles and move from the physiological movement (movement through which the joint can be taken by the patient him/herself) into the anatomical movement (the extra movement which can safely be found with a minimal amount of applied pressure). Appropriate movement or touch is applied to the affected part in order to draw the attention of the central nervous system to the specific needs of that particular area. Once a release position is identified then gentle compression into the part is used to further stimulate the proprioceptors and reinforce the message that needs to be sent. In this way we combine muscular and neurological information so as to encourage the body to become aware of its own process and, in due course, to restore balance.

The therapeutic techniques are prefaced with a taking of the patient’s medical history and a visual assessment of the level of symmetry and balance within the body structure. The treatment itself is conducted with the patient lying on the couch, first face-up and then face-down as we work sequentially through the various parts of the body. In this process we can release tension from the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, pelvis etc so that the body will realign itself. We recommend that patients continue their treatment at home with very gentle exercise movements that will maintain the correct posture.


Bio-Stress Release is a non-invasive and fast-acting treatment for relieving pain in various parts of the body. The technique guides the body to correct both muscular and skeletal disorder.

When applying the treatment the focus is on identifying the release position that produces comfort and freedom. When this position is located and appropriately held, the body can relax. Once it relaxes, the natural inherent balance of the physical structure can re-assert itself and restore a sense of well-being.

Courses are held at Well Park, Belstone, Okehampton, Devon and are led by Susanna Terry.

The Course requires attendance of a minimum of one 3-day module which is normally held Friday through Sunday. Additional modules are spaced to suit individual schedules. The standard 3-day module is a good basis for beginning to incorporate the technique in your work and you will be able to start using it straight away. Modules 1 and 2 have the same standard outline (see below) and there will inevitably be some repetition when the same material is re-visited for a second time. However the format is deliberately flexible and informal and there is anyway considerable value in touching on the same ground again

Upon satisfactory completion of the first module, students will be in a position to incorporate the technique into their therapeutic practice immediately.

Upon satisfactory completion of the second module, students will be awarded a Bio-Stress Release Certificate of Attendance. This is very much a hands-on course and there is no examination. There will be continuous assessment in order to support you in perfecting your skills.

The cost is £360.00 per 3-day module. Tea/coffee and refreshments are provided at intervals during teaching sessions.

The Workshop will start on 11th of  May 2018, days will begin at 10.00 a.m. and finish around 5.00 p.m.

If you would like to attend please print & fill out the booking form enclosed.

BIO-STRESS RELEASE (Outline standard module)
Techniques devoted to primarily static positions of release determined from physical and verbal feedback from the client with respect to what is comfortable and releases pain often within seconds.

Day 1. History and background.
History and background.
Therapeutic principles.
Ethics and case-management in using BSR.
Patient prone: Lumbar spine
Rib-cage and thoracic spine
Shoulder girdle
Head and neck
Patient supine: Lower body – pelvic evaluation and release
Upper body – abdomen, ribcage/sternum, shoulder girdle, head and neck.
Evaluation and release indicators of these.

Day 2. Review of Day 1.
Review of Day 1.
Basic techniques used on thoracic and lumbar spine, hips, knees, legs and feet.
The various specific and particular conditions in which these are applicable.
Practical work (students working on each other)

Day 3. Review of Days 1 & 2.
Review of Days 1 & 2.
Techniques applied with patient lying on side or sitting.
Exercises for self-help
Practical work.
Review and consolidation of Days 1, 2
Practical work.

By the end of the course you will be able to apply
Bio-Stress Release to the following areas of the body:

  • Head and neck
  • Thoracic vertebrae and ribs
  • Lumbar region
  • Pelvis inc. ilio-psoas muscle
  • lium/sacrum, ASIS, Ischium (seat bone)
  • Lower limbs: femur, knees, ankles, feet
  • Upper limbs: shoulder, clavicle, arms, elbow, hand ,wrist
  • Sternum

Bio-Stress Release treatment of a young man aged 17 years

He was complaining of pains in his legs and could neither sit on the floor with his legs out straight nor bend over and touch his knees – let alone touch the ground.

On examining him I found that his spine curved over to the left and that when he tried to bend over, the 7th thoracic would twist slightly and prevent him from bending forwards. He could not straighten his legs even when standing upright.

I discovered that he had grown very rapidly as a young teenager and had cycled everywhere, very rarely walking. Over time he outgrew his bicycle to the point that he could not fully straighten his legs when peddling. As a result he had highly developed thigh muscles and rather short hamstrings and in effect he did not have the elasticity in his leg muscles to allow him to bend forward. Therefore he had to continuously bend to the right to pick things up from the floor and developed the curve in his spine which further limited the extent to which he could bend forward.

He had several BSR treatments and was instructed in exercise techniques to do at home to support the treatment.

I am happy to say that he can now bend forward and touch his ankles with his legs straight.

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Bio-Stress Release Workshop
Bio-Stress Release Workshop
3-Day module workshop
Price: £360.00

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I wish to attend the Bio-Stress Release Workshop in Devon (Click add to cart)

Bio-Stress Release Workshop 2 Easypay Installments
Bio-Stress Release Workshop 2 Easypay Installments
3-Day module workshop
Price: £189.00

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