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Bio-Stress Release Online Course

Master a treatment that gently removes pain instantly!

After popular demand, the online Bio-Stress Release course is ready!

As a holistic practitioner, a therapist or a fitness coach, you may be always looking for a therapy that brings consistently therapeutic results while at the same is zero strain for you the therapist.

Our clients come to see us because they suffer from stress and discomfort whether this is physical or emotional. Bio-Stress Release although it helps eliminate pain and discomfort also helps people recover from emotional or physical trauma.

It is a gentle yet powerful treatment that mirrors where the person is and allows healing to take place.

Contrary to other modalities it does not correct problems by pushing the body the opposite way to make a correction.

Instead, it exaggerates where the body’s discomfort is and in this way sends a message about the need for a change of the condition. As a reflex, this enables a release and at the same time a healing sensation.

The Bio-Stress Release course teaches you step-by-step how to do the various positional releases in every part of the body. Whether people are suffering from backache, shoulder problems, sciatic pain, ribs, or head and neck pain you can address any of their problems.

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If you would like to join Bio-Stress Release  in-person workshop in Devon, UK you would pay a discounted price of  £150 (optional)

Bio-Stress Release Online Course

Bio-Stress Release is a gentle form of bodywork which releases tension and eases pain.

It works by taking the body back through the movements which were involved with the problem in the first place but under safely controlled circumstances.

This is achieved by locating the preferred position for the part affected and then working to undo the damage.

From the preferred position the practitioner can identify precisely what it is that the body is trying to protect.

The movements of Bio- Stress Release are made slowly and do not oppose the spontaneous preferences of the body and thus this approach is quite distinct from techniques which involve any sort of forceful adjustment.

In order to relieve tension we work at different angles and move from the physiological movement (movement through which the joint can be taken by the patient him/herself) into the anatomical movement (the extra movement which can safely be found with a minimal amount of applied pressure).

Appropriate movement or touch is applied to the affected part in order to draw the attention of the central nervous system to the specific needs of that particular area.

Once a release position is identified then gentle compression into the part is used to further stimulate the proprioceptors and reinforce the message that needs to be sent. In this way we combine muscular and neurological information so as to encourage the body to become aware of its own process and, in due course, to restore balance.

The treatment itself is conducted with the patient lying on the couch, face-up or face-down as we work sequentially through the various parts of the body. In this process we can release tension from the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, pelvis so that the body will realign itself.

The treatment can also be given with the client sitting or lying on the side.


~ Susanna Terry

he Bio-Stress Release Online Course

Bio-Stress Release is a non-invasive and fast-acting treatment for relieving pain in various parts of the body. The technique guides the body to correct both muscular and skeletal disorder.

When applying the treatment the focus is on identifying the release position that produces comfort and freedom. When this position is located and appropriately held, the body can relax. Once it relaxes, the natural inherent balance of the physical structure can re-assert itself and restore a sense of well-being.

Modules in Bio-Stress Release Online Course:


Module 1

You will learn stress-eliminating exercises, the Bio-Stress Release whole body treatment, and what is Bio-Stress Release

Module 2

You will learn Bio-Stress Release for the upper body: head and neck, thorax, first rib, rib evaluation and release.

Module 3

You will learn Bio-Stress Release for shoulder, clavicle and jaw.

Module 4

You will learn Bio-Stress Release for pelvis:  lumbar release/trigger points, psoas muscle, ilium and sacrum.

Module 5

You will learn Bio-Stress Release for lower limbs: femur release and isometric exercises, knees and feet.

Module 6

You will learn Bio-Stress Release whole body treatment and post techniques.

6 Modules with videos and text and action tasks will help you achieve your goal of learning the various techniques from the comfort of your home. The online course is accessible for 6 months.

Plus four 1 to 1 coaching sessions to answer any questions you may have

Coaching sessions are private tutorials where you bring your questions and discuss clients with difficult-to-treat conditions. 

Bonus One: The background of body and mind stress

Bonus Two: Relaxing and safe exercises that eliminate stress and bring a sense of well-being.


Use them for your personal support or pass them on to your clients.

If you have any questions about the Bio-Stress Release Online Course, please contact Susanna Terry

Susanna Terry LCCH Dip ST Dip BSR
tel.01837 840718, susanna.terry1@gmail.com

Bio-Stress Release Online Course Payment:

Normal Price £720.00

Early Bird Price, book by Sept 28th, 2024: £580.00 (click here)
2 Easy Pay: £315.00 for each payment (click here)

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This is very much a hands-on course and you will be supported in perfecting your skills.

There will be continuous assessment of your work with the techniques. 

When you reach a satisfactory standard you will be given a Bio-Stress Release certificate.

By the end of the course, you will be able to apply Bio-Stress Release to all the uncomfortable areas of the body.

    Bio-Stress Release in treating shoulder problems due to injury.
    Fiona suffered an accident four months prior to seeing me, resulting in a broken clavicle & two breaks in her right humerus.
    After wearing a solid cast for six weeks & then soft supports for several more weeks plus numerous physio appointments. Fiona was still unable to straighten her arm or raise it to shoulder height due to severe pain.
    I treated Fiona with Bio-Stress Release. on her Shoulder points, Scapula, Elbow, Wrist & Hand, resulting in pain release & mobility.
    To Fiona’s amazement & joy she was able to fully extend both arms above her head, touching fingertips, and with complete pain release after this one & only session.
    Sarah Rowsell
    Bio-Stress Release and Spinal Touch Practitioner

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