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Hi, I am Susanna Terry holistic health practitioner, homeopath as well as a professional coach and therapists’ trainer.

I fine tune my healing modalities to the physical as well as to the emotional make up of the person.

I teach holistic health practitioners and fitness coaches ‘Light Touch’ Therapies which balance body energy and structure.

Spinal Touch and Bio-Stress Release are gentle yet dynamic therapies which remove pain often instantly.

They address backache and musculoskeletal problems but also other health challenges. They work in harmony with the vibrational frequency of our planet.

The therapies are multifaceted as they heal physical and emotional pain and at the same time invigorate the person’s subtle energy field. Any physical or energetic obstacles are gently released to allow for more fulfilment in all areas of the life of the person.

My inner search has led me to explore and study mind and body healing therapies.  My practice has been a very rewarding experience with people often recovering from conventionally so called ‘incurable’ health challenges. In such cases I give people homeopathic remedies according to the principles of classical homeopathy.

My second conference presentation called ‘Mirroring’ presented the relationship of the processes and stages of Carl Roger’s person-centred Counselling to Homeopathy.

Like other practitioners and therapists before me, I realized that there is a limit on how many people you can help on a one-on-one basis. So I turned my attention to the internet and learned about attracting your ideal clients and setting up your holistic practice online.  I trained as a coach in the Coaching Cognition Academy (USA) and learned online marketing skills at the same time.  During my training, I discovered that many people of all ages learn online marketing to enable them to reach a bigger audience. Training as a coach has been a positive experience for me as I met a lot of kindred spirits, mostly other coaches, health practitioners and fitness professionals.

Becoming a Professional Coach and Social Media consultant has been a part of my journey of learning and sharing my knowledge with those that need it most.

Having brought my Spinal Touch Courses and teaching online, I can now guide other holistic therapists, to do the same with their own health programmes and courses.

I love helping people on their path to a healthier and happier life.

~ Susanna Terry

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Visit https://lightouch.co.uk

Light Touch Therapy Training in Devon.

Spinal Touch On-line Course

Spinal Touch is one of the therapies which I teach. It is considered by many the gentle alternative to osteopathy and chiropractic. This remedial therapy training can make a significant contribution to enhancing your practice as a holistic health practitioner or a complementary therapist.

Andrew Terry Holistic Health Practitioner & Trainer

Andrew Terry is an experienced homeopath and has been practicing professionally for twenty five years.

Originally graduating in Philosophy, he later studied Homeopathy. He was particularly attracted by the potential of homeopathy for utilising the diversity within the natural world to unlock the self-healing capacity of the body.

For many years he was a visiting lecturer in homeopathy at the Centre for Complementary Health Studies at Exeter University. This centre – the first of its kind in any major university – offered an invaluable opportunity for BPhil and medical students to come together from all over the world. This was the place to learn and exchange views on, different medical traditions and modalities.  He has worked with a very wide range of chronic and acute conditions and with all age-groups.

In addition to prescribing homeopathic remedies he recommends nutritional and naturopathic measures when they are indicated. He aims to provide a personal and accessible service and encourages clients to keep in touch with him as treatment progresses.

Andrew has an active awareness of the part which non-homeopathic approaches to healthcare can play and aims to work alongside them whenever possible. However, he firmly believes that ‘prevention is better than cure and that no ethical form of healthcare should overlook the part which diet, pollution and medication can play in producing or exacerbating ill-health.
Andrew teaches the principles of holistic health and Homeopathy during the Light Touch Training.

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