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Join Me…..And I Will Personally Guide You to Master A Light Touch Therapy Which Will Enable You To Heal More People And Build A Thriving and Pain-free Health Practice

The Light Touch Therapy course comes with CERTIFICATION. You will get a diploma as a qualified Light Touch practitioner in Spinal Touch therapy.  Our Light Touch Therapy training is accredited by the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

The Light Touch Therapy course comes with CERTIFICATION. You will get a DIPLOMA as a qualified Light Touch practitioner in Spinal Touch therapy

From: Susanna Terry, Holistic Health Practitioner and Light Touch Therapy Trainer

RE: Light Touch Therapy Training Course

Dear Holistic Therapist or Health and Fitness Coach,

On this course I will teach you a therapeutic system which will empower you as a health-enhancing practitioner and will enable you to generate a lot of grateful clients.


 The Light Touch Therapy training consists of a 7 day course taken in 2 Modules about one month apart.  

Course in 2024: 

The Schedule of Spinal Touch Course Live in Devon, UK
Module 1 – 2nd to 5th of May 2024
Module 2 – 31st of May to 2nd of June 2024
Full payment of £720
2 Easy pay of £385 each payment

Spinal Touch can have a direct and beneficial effect on any patient regardless of what symptoms of ill health they may be exhibiting. It corrects postural distortion and realigns the body’s centre of gravity at the lower spine. Any physical stress or discomfort will affect this centre producing pain and lack of ease. A pattern of touch points covering the spine, abdomen, head and shoulders is gently relaxed so as to facilitate postural correction and pain-release. The treatment promotes a free flow of energy through muscles, bones and joints. It has a health-enhancing impact on internal organs and brings a sense of lightness and well-being. There are no contra-indications to the treatment. As it is so gentle, it can safely be used on children, pregnant women as well as older people.

Spinal Touch has been developed by an American engineer, chiropractor and healer in the 1920’s John Hurley. He combined laws of leverage, physiology and acupuncture meridian touch points. His work would have been lost if it was not for the late Dr L Rosquist another chiropractor who introduced it again in 1960. Susanna Terry has been trained and qualified as a Spinal Touch instructor in 1998, by Dr Lamar Rosquist. To date she has trained more than 200 health professionals many of whom have built thriving health practices.

As a holistic health practitioner and a homeopath Susanna has added an extra dimension to this light touch training. Enjoy learning this unique therapeutic system!

What Does Spinal Touch Do?

The intention of the treatment is to relax, release and regenerate the whole energy field. This can sometimes be felt by the patient as sensations of warmth, tingling or deep relaxation to the point of going to sleep. The change is often dramatic and is usually accompanied by a sense of well being and absence of pain often after only one or two treatments.

Learn more about Spinal Touch Treatment.

Heal More People, Transform Your Health Practice

As the course is accredited by the Complementary Therapists Association (CthA) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and it is considered a ‘light touch’ treatment with your Diploma, you will be able to get insurance or extend your existing one to cover this therapy.

When you complete the course you will be able to:

  • Help people who maybe suffering from the following conditions: asthma, back-pain, digestive complaints, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, injuries, low energy and fatigue, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis, sciatica, stress related disease ,whiplash pain and other complaints.
  • Guide the organism to regenerate the energy centres (chakras) and energy field.
  • Give a non-force holistic body treatment which eliminates pain often instantly.
  • Assess the posture of your patient before treatment and thus customize the treatment to the person’s particular needs.
  • The treatment is zero strain for you the practitioner which enables you to comfortably treat more patients.
  • You can see all the corrections you need to do when you assess the posture at the plumb-line before the actual treatment on the couch.
  • You can also clearly see all the therapeutic changes that were made when you assess the posture after you’ve given the treatment.
  • With the treatment you create and hold a safe space. This facilitates the healing of your patient.
  • Due to your enhanced therapeutic skills you will have a high rate of healing results and the referrals to your practice will skyrocket.
  • The treatment procedure is easy to learn.
  • You can work standing or sitting down so you do not feel tired at the end of your practice day.
    You will also have a fantastic therapeutic tool to treat your own family.

As there aren’t many practitioners offering this treatment you will have referrals from other practitioners as well as from existing patients. You will have a lot of support from Susanna Terry in order to reach a high standard as a Spinal Touch practitioner.
Once you finish the Light Touch Therapy course, we will refer to you any clients who live in your area.
You will get the videos to watch how the treatment is given. You will have two e-books, as well as extra pdfs so that you can easily set up in practice as a Spinal Touch practitioner.

In this course I will take you step-by-step through the various modules so that you can learn this effective yet gentle remedial treatment.

The Two-Module Course in Spinal Touch with Susanna Terry of Light Touch Therapy Training

Module 1

Four Days of Live Training and Practice

Day One

Introduction to the real cause of pain and disease and what steps you need to take to reverse it; also how stress affects our body’s posture and the optimum functioning of our internal organs. Discussion of the stressors which we need to avoid and those which we have to learn to live with.

Day Two

Instruction on a different method for assessing postural misalignment in non-ambulatory patients i.e. the identification of which points to use to correct distortion in those who are in wheelchairs or who, due to their illness, find it difficult to stand.

Energy Cleansing and Recharging of each student.
Introduction to the different forms of touch.

Day Three

How to muscle test the response of your patient to the contact points you have identified as being necessary for correction during treatment. (You will use some kinesiology principles for this assessment).

Day Four

Demonstration slides of patients with various postural misalignments and discussion of what is necessary for their correction. For the purpose of learning the technique, trainees will treat each other throughout the course. On day three of the course, students will treat visiting clients under supervision. This provides an experience in the treatment of various postural distortions and health challenges.

Study of chronic diseases and their treatment with light touch therapy and other therapeutic systems.
Revision of the gravity line assessment and Spinal Touch treatment.

 Assignments between modules

  1. Study of the course textbooks in order to find the answers to a questionnaire which will be given to complete. The questions cover the material taught during teaching sessions.
  2. Record and hand-in 10 treatments on family and friends.

Module 2

Revision of the material taught on the first module. Tutorials on the treatments that students have given on family and friends. Discussion of the more challenging questions arising from the questionnaire assignment.

Practical ‘exam’ which consists of giving a treatment to a guest client.

Basics on how to build a thriving practice with Spinal Touch.

Requirements for Joining The Course

  1. The course is designed for existing therapists, practitioners, and health coaches. 
  2. Light Touch Therapy training in Spinal Touch is a professional practitioner’s course and it is not designed for you to teach it. You will therefore be asked to sign an agreement paper before you join the course.(Click here for the agreement paper)
    I look forward to personally guide you to learn this unique remedial treatment which consistently brings amazing therapeutic results.
  3. Getting to know you. You will be asked to fill an application form. (click here for application form)

Don’t Take My Word For It

“I do have some conscious clients who have a 1.5hour session starting with coaching and finishing with Spinal Touch, I’m finding it can help move the emotional stuff out of the body and is a great complement to Conscious development. I’m also having great results with digestive disorders and particularly the control of ulcerative colitis.”

Stephanie Pharo-Hanson
Radical Living Coach, UK

I have found Spinal Touch incredibly effective and it is a treatment I offer to all my clients. I enjoy seeing how much they can change in just one or two sessions. The lower back especially becomes much softer, walking gets easier and also the shoulders become more even – all round it has been a great success”

Bel Spencer
Alexander Technique Teacher, Carmarthenshire, UK

“As a busy physiotherapist I have been looking for a therapy which would successfully treat backache, sciatic pain and other musculoskeletal problems. I have done a lot of courses on various treatments which can only bring short term relief. Until I found the light touch therapy Spinal Touch. My clients love the treatment as it is gentle yet powerful. If you are looking for a treatment that is not invasive yet effective, I would recommend you learn this unique therapy with Susanna Terry.”

Dr Fatemeh Rezaei Sajadinia
Physiotherapist, London, UK

Light Touch Therapy Training

1Spinal Touch (Module 1 & 2 Inclusive) £ 720.00


[The price includes 2 manuals, PDFs, and the cost of the Spinal Touch footboard and plumb-bob]

The Touch Spinal Course Includes:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Healing Attunement
  • Two Manuals. Manual one: Theory and Practice of Spinal Touch. Spinal Touch is the foundational Light Touch treatment. Manual two: Spinal Touch workbook.
  • Handouts in PDF. In addition to the e-books I also provide cheat sheets and other handouts in pdf which will be extremely helpful to you.
  • The equipment to assess the patient’s remedial needs before the treatment.
  • One-on-one practical session before certification.
  • Clinical Practice on Visiting Clients.
  • Certification

Click here to book your FREE Enrich Your Holistic Practice session (optional)

I look forward to personally guide you to master Spinal Touch Therapy this unique Light Touch therapeutic system.

With best wishes,

Practitioners say:

I learned more in the seven days of this course than in the entire period of my time training in osteopathy”.

Osteopath (Essex)

“Thank you for the course, it was brilliant and I enjoyed it immensely. Not only was it very educational, it was also fun.”


“The use of Spinal Touch in my practice has increased my income so much that I have the biggest tax bill I have ever had “I’ve been using Spinal Touch exclusively for certain patients. People really feel “lighter” and better in themselves. Thank you for sharing Spinal Touch with me. I will use this therapy until my last days”

Acupuncturist (Chicago)

“Thank you very much for a wonderful course. As a medical practitioner I realised that there is always a ray of hope for those to whom we say‘sorry, nothing can be done’. I hope I will be able to help such people with Spinal Touch therapy”.

General practitioner (London)

“I found the course very enjoyable. I have now been using the techniques for two years with success. It combines well with other therapies and I have found it to be an effective method to improve or correct spinal or other problems”.

Kinesiologist and nutritionist (Sussex)

“The use of Spinal Touch in my practice has increased my income so much that I have the biggest tax bill I have ever had!

Complementary Therapies Consultant (Cornwall)

“The way a person stands is a function of their relationship with the force of gravity and is a highly individual expression of his/her alignment to health and disease. Spinal Touch opens up lines of communication between client and practitioner. It also enhances and complements the action of the homeopathic remedy. I and many other homeopaths have been using Spinal Touch alongside homeopathy for over fifteen years”.

Homeopath (Devon)

“I have found Spinal Touch incredibly effective and it is a treatment to offer my clients. I enjoy seeing how much they can change in just one or two sessions. The lower back especially becomes much softer, walking gets easier and also the shoulders become more even – all round it has been a great success”

Alexander Technique teacher(Carmarthenshire)

Susanna Terry discussing Light Touch Therapy training in Spinal Touch

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