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I have been following up the information on the Covid19 infection which is spreading all over the world and making the life difficult for so many people. Researchers are not yet sure how the virus spreads from person to person.

Dr. Mark Denison, a virologist at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said:”While we do not know all of the mechanisms of spread of the epidemic so far, there is likely spread by droplets and contaminated surfaces, and possible airborne [spread], similar to SARS,” Covid19 is in general spread through close contact — a range of about 3 to 6 feet. The virus is primarily spread through a sick person coughing or sneezing on someone, said Dr. Kathy Lofy , a health officer in Washington state, U.S.A. A person could also become infected through contact with the virus particles on a surface, though it’s unknown how long the new Covid19 can survive on surfaces outside of the body.

The hope of medical doctors and researchers would be to develop a vaccine. However this will take time. Every February researchers meet up in Geneva and decide which strains of virus to include in the vaccines which will be offered to people in the autumn.

There is one problem however. The viruses mutate and change in the meantime so immunisations stop being effective. Last year’s flu vaccines protected just 29% of people and this year it was a bit better but still less than half at 45%. There is also the problem that vaccines themselves can have side-effects such nasal congestion, muscle pain and weakness asthma, severe conditions of brain inflammation, Guillain Barre syndrome, Bell’s palsy and more.

You can Google for the ingredients that these vaccines contain or go to these websites to find out more: arevaccinessafe.org or nvic.org . Among the ingredients are: formaldehyde, egg protein where the culture with the virus is prepared etc. They recently replaced the egg culture due to allergies with cells from dogs’ kidneys because the culture process is faster!

Natural Approaches to Protecting our Organism from Disease

Homeopathic remedies, prescribed as they are on the particular presenting symptoms of the case can be extremely helpful with colds and viral infections. These remedies are side-effect free which is one thing that distinguishes them from drugs such as the ones which are currently tried for the corona virus infection. Having treated successfully with homeopathy illnesses such as the Epstein virus (glandular fever), pneumonia and the flu, I think it would be interesting to see if the corona virus can also be addressed with homeopathy. As the virus in the cell of the host bursts it infects the cells that surround it. It is therefore important to protect your cells’ health and in this way strengthen the immune system. For extra protection from viral infections and along homeopathic remedies I tend to also add a powerful and effective antioxidant*.Whether a person gets ill or not depends on individual susceptibility. It is for this reason that strengthening the immune system is the best way to avoiding any form of disease acute or chronic.

Susanna Terry LCCH, DipST DipBSR


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