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Western medicine does not accept the importance of energy systems within the living body. Traditional oriental forms of medicine however are fully aware of this energetic presence and base their entire approach on an understanding of subtle forces.

Oriental medicine such as acupuncture is based upon a system of energy running through the various meridians of the body. This can easily be demonstrated with the results of acupuncture treatments. One therapeutic result is controlling pain, achieved by placing needles on the particular points of these meridians. Indian philosophy talks of a system in which energy runs up the spine as the kundalini, an energy which activates vortices at various points called chakras. In homeopathy the term ‘vital force’is used to refer to the energy system or matrix of the body. It is this matrix whose signs or symptoms of dis-ease can guide the practitioner to the homeopathic remedy – the similar – the one which will heal. What happens though to our musculoskeletal structure and energy levels when we are out of alignment to the force of gravity?

The Impact of Gravity on Posture

Gravity affects us constantly and its impact is beneficial when we are properly aligned to it. One such benefit is healthy bone structure. Astronauts become prone to osteoporosis which is the result of the lack of gravity to which they are exposed during their flights in space. For this reason walking and weight-bearing exercises are highly recommended to people who want to build up strong bones.

The way we stand and move is very relevant to our health in general. Poor posture will displace the internal organs and interfere with their optimum function. Good posture on the other hand encourages all organs to work at their optimum and to use minimum energy for everyday life. The skeletal structure supports the entire body and gives the muscles a point of leverage and attachment. It is muscles however that move bones and not the other way around. So it is important that muscles are positioned in their ideal place.

Postural Realignment

Spinal Touch is a holistic body therapy which specifically addresses problems in posture and the misalignment of the body’s centre of gravity. This centre lies anterior to a plane between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the top of the sacrum. Thus, if someone lies on a see-saw, it will find balance when the fulcrum is directly under this centre of gravity. Any trauma or stress in the body will cause muscles to contract. This will indirectly influence this centre of gravity.
Before treatment the posture is assessed at a plumb-line. When a person is found to have a misaligned and rotated hip, the spine will tend to deviate to the right or to the left of the plumb-line. In order to compensate for this misalignment, the muscles will ‘move’ away from their ideal position and that is when pain starts. This is often the main reason why backache and other muscular complaints develop. Also quite frequently it will appear as though one leg is shorter than the other.  Often this is simply due to the rotated hip and will correct with Spinal Touch treatment. One of the main reasons we have so many people needing hip and knee replacements is because the weight of the upper body is not going through their centre of gravity but instead it is being borne by their knee or hip.

Spinal Touch corrects postural realignment and at the same time promotes a free flow of energy through muscles, bones and joints. A pattern of touch points covering the spine, abdomen, shoulders and head are gently stimulated releasing blockages in the spine as well as in supporting organs and muscles. The practitioner works on the body’s meridians. There are five kinds of touch used during the treatment .In general the touch is gentle yet definite. The treatment is very relaxing and as it realigns posture, muscles and bones it often brings almost immediate pain-relief.

Experiences during Energetic Realignment

It is noticeable that some people say that they are low in energy and yet they find the concept that they have an energy field difficult to grasp. Nevertheless even those who find it difficult to comprehend the energy aspects of the body, feel regenerated and experience increased vitality with Spinal Touch treatment.
During the treatment people may feel sensations of warmth, tingling or deep relaxation to the point of going to sleep. The change is often dramatic and is usually accompanied by a sense of well-being and absence of pain often after only one or two treatments. Some clients have described a sensation as if energy was beaming on to a particular contact point during treatment.

Emotional Release

As it is a highly individualised therapeutic approach Spinal Touch supports patients to their own healing path. This can often produce an emotional release, particularly if people are suffering from stress, any form of loss or just suppressed emotions.

Being a non-invasive holistic therapy Spinal Touch has a general life-enhancing effect. There are no contra-indications to it. It can be used with any other treatment and it will often increase its beneficial effect especially if it is a natural therapy. As it is so gentle it can safely be used on children, the elderly and even animals such as cats, dogs and even horses.


People suffering from the following complaints have benefited from the treatment: asthma, backache, headaches, colds and flu, fibromyalgia, joint pains, indigestion, migraines, neck pain, emotional holding patterns, multiple sclerosis, shoulder problems, sciatic pain, scoliosis, stress-related illnesses, whiplash and injuries .Spinal Touch practitioners often report cases of serious distortion such as scoliosis, where the therapeutic effect of the treatment appears to have averted the need for back and spinal surgery.


A patient says: “I had a very badly twisted knee, it gave me intense pain and I could not sleep for the discomfort. After treatment, I am now pain-free and I will not need operations on my hip and knee”.

A therapist says: “Having used Spinal Touch for 12 years now, I still use it as a first therapy to ‘lay the foundations’. All the other therapies then work much more effectively”.

Susanna Terry LCCH Dip St Dip BSR is a certified Spinal Touch/Bio Mechanics instructor, email: susanna.terry1@gmail.com

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